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You were paying attention, but an unsafe condition caused personal injury... It’s not your fault you slipped and fell. Now what do you do?

Has this happened to you? You’re walking usually when suddenly you slip and fall? Or perhaps you walked into your office where the floor had just been waxed and you slip and fall because they didn’t put up a warning sign. Maybe you walked into your office after hours of rain and slip and fall, because the management forgot to put down a carpet or mats. 

Now due to a slip and fall injury you find yourself with an injured hand, or wrist, or knee or ankle or back or other personal injury caused by the slip and fall.

There are two types of pain: 

  • Acute pain and chronic pain. Acute pain is the result of any immediate trauma such as stubbing your toe. 
  • Chronic pain is pain that has lasted for 6 months or longer, such as lower back pain. The best way to keep acute pain from becoming chronic pain is immediate treatment.

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