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Pediatric Chiropractic

The body functions as a system regardless of age. Whether a child’s age, a middle-aged adult or a senior, the assembly is the same, just with different levels of development and capability. That means the principle of holistic chiropractic care is good for adults, for children, or seniors. However, the difference comes in how the care is provided and to what degree. Obviously, a child’s body has far less capability than that of a normal adult, so a greater amount of care must be applied as well. Therefore, pediatric chiropractic care is different from regular chiropractic treatment. We at Spine and Injury Associates know a lot about pediatric chiropractic care. We serve patients from all over including Altamonte Springs, FL, Haines City, FL, Kissimmee, FL, Winter Haven, FL, Ocala, FL, Plant City, FL, and Orlando, FL.

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The Benefits Are Multiple

Kids are constantly developing as they grow, but that development can go sideways if not kept on track and in alignment. The spine, for example, may be prone to poor development in childhood without. It’s one of the primary reasons why pediatricians might check a child posture on regular wellness examinations. However, while a pediatrician will advise sitting better, a chiropractor can help a child’s spine function correctly in alignment again, a big reason why children sit wrong in the first place to avoid discomfort.

Monitoring for Small Issues to Prevent Big Issues

A pediatric chiropractic approach also looks out for injuries. Kids of all ages can get into big problems. Whether it’s falling downstairs, getting clobbered in sports, or twisting something in a bike accident, injuries happen and a lot. Unfortunately, the general attitude remains those kids will grow out of it and recover, they heal quickly so there’s no need to worry. However, some injuries can become permanent issues and limitations if not deal with properly.

Contact Us for Our Pediatric Chiropractor in Orlando

For folks who need a pediatric chiropractor in Orlando, FL, or other areas such as Altamonte Springs, FL, Haines City, FL, Plant City, FL, Kissimmee, FL, Winter Haven, FL, and Ocala, FL, we at Spine and Injury Associates can help. Because of our work in the chiropractic field, and more specifically with pediatric care, our team can provide specific assistance and monitoring for kids’ injuries as well as proper musculoskeletal development. You do not need to just rely on a general pediatrician to watch out for everything. While that approach is ideal for general medicine, a pediatric chiropractor helps both with recovery as well as monitoring for proper growth. And with kids, catching issues early can save a lot of headaches later. Call us at (407) 434-PAIN (7246) to schedule an appointment with a chiropractor on our team to find out more.

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